We are independent and innovative. It is our passion to inspire health and wellbeing in others, to change their lives for the better. Whatever we do, our customers’ health always comes first.

The heart of our business is to care. All our staff are trained to be warm and demonstrate empathy, focusing on them as an individual – their needs and feelings.

We have a network of clinics across the UK. We help people of all walks of life… Live Healthy & Live Well.

We can help you stay at the top of your game

Our health and wellbeing Health Care Professionals are trained physiologists. They can assist you to reduce the risk of illness and have clarity on your health and wellbeing.

UK Health Screening physiologists are:

  • Experts in giving advice on lifestyle change.
  • Highly trained with a degree in health and well-being.
  • Track record in motivating and empowering.
  • Trained to help you have clarity on your health and how best to improve it.

Physiologists are graduates in exercise, nutrition and health sciences.

Our physiologists are trained to carry out health assessments, give advice and motivate lifestyle changes affecting areas such as exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress management. All of this is designed to help you feel fitter and healthier.

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